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Sidlesham Past & Present - the Land Settlement Association

Sidlesham Past and Present

The Land Settlement  Association

Thursday 26th June
Church Hall
Church Farm Lane, Sidlesham

Why was a Land Settlement  Association set up in Sidlesham in 1936?
How did it develop during and after World War Two?
What happened when it was closed down in 1983?
What remains of it today?

Two films (1937 & 1976) will explain why the establishment of an LSA in Sidlesham was a historically significant event both nationally and locally.

The village has received Lottery Funding to develop a heritage trail to celebrate and commemorate the development of the LSA in Sidlesham. In 1936 three farms were compulsorily purchased and 118 smallholdings created. All the original properties remain today, along with the packing shed, the propagation unit, two community huts and the extension to the school. But we need your stories to bring the heritage trail to life . . . . . .
In 1937 tenants were reprimanded for eating too many eggs and reducing the profits of the LSA.
In 1956 acres of glasshouses were destroyed by a whirlwind.
In 1985 at the closure auction you could have bought a tractor or a pair of wellington boots.

Are you related to an original settler?
Did you work on one of the smallholdings?
Did you have a weekend or holiday job at the packing shed?

Further information available from:
Dr Bill Martin (01242 641154)