Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 17th June 2020
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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 17th June 2020

Minutes of Sidlesham Parish Council Meeting held electronically on Wednesday 17th June, 2020 at 7 pm

Members of the council and the public were informed that the evening’s meeting would be recorded.
Present: Mr M Mellodey (Chairman), Mr R Ryder, Mrs C Hall, Mrs P Tull, Mr C Field, Mr L Ramm, Mr A Harland, Mrs Monnington and Mrs Gibson-House, Cllr P Montyn (WSCC), Cllr C Purnell (CDC) and the Clerk, Mrs T MacIntyre.
1. Questions from the public present at the meeting on subjects other than those on the agenda. None
2. Apologies for Absence: Cllr D Johnson (CDC)
3. Declarations by councillors of personal interests in items on this agenda. None.
4. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20th May 2020 to be signed as a correct record. Mr Harland proposed and Mr Ryder seconded that the minutes be signed. All agreed.
5. Matters arising from the above minutes not dealt with in separate items below.
Mrs Tull asked if the meeting of councillors on the Memorial Playing Field to inspect the ground and clubhouse is to take place. Mr Mellodey replied that it will be arranged.
6. WSCC Councillor
Cllr Montyn had submitted a report which had been circulated. He gave an update on Covid19 numbers, hospital capacity and Community Hub operations.
The County Council Household Waste Recycling Sites have been open for a month. Social distancing measures remain in place with a reduced number of vehicles allowed in at a time.
WSCC has submitted seven County-wide schemes to the DfT for the first tranche of the £250 million Emergency Travel Fund. This funding is aimed at promoting cycling as an alternative mode of transport for short local journeys. The scheme proposed for Chichester would, if approved, run from the station to Spitalfield Lane, via Avenue de Chartres and Orchard Street, converting one lane of Oaklands Way to a cycle lane and linking with existing facilities such as the cycle path on Broyle Road, and could extend to the Hospital.
WSCC has put Yeoman’s Cottage, Mill Lane on the market. It was the Keeper’s cottage for Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve.
7. CDC Councillor
Cllr Purnell informed the PC that CDC is working hard on helping local businesses to reopen with social distancing measures in place.
Cllr Purnell raised the Draft Interim Policy Statement for Housing consultation. From July, CDC will not have an up-to-date Local Plan and this will provide an interim policy to clarify housing numbers before the new Local Plan can be implemented. It cannot introduce new policy. CDC must find land for 435 houses per year under the existing Local Plan. Once that runs out, the number of houses will increase to 628. Mr Mellodey suggested that CDC might reconsider the number of houses required as a result of the pandemic. Cllr Purnell replied that CDC has written to Government to try to reduce its allocation but has been informed that CDC should proceed as specified. The consultation expires on 10th July 2020 and Cllr Purnell urged SPC to respond.
8. Neighbourhood Plan
8.1 Hunston Neighbourhood Plan
Hunston’s draft Neighbourhood Plan had been circulated. Mr Ryder has drafted a response with Mr Bedford. Mr Mellodey felt it could have been helpful to have had more collaboration with neighbouring parishes. Mr Ryder will circulate a response which will focus on the way in which the document’s policies will affect other parishes.
9. Memorial Playing Field
Mr Mellodey had circulated a report. Sidlesham Football Club has left. Mr Mellodey has a meeting with a Sussex FA inspector on 24th June. He proposed that the PC approve the £150 registration fee to enable SPC to qualify for Sussex FA pitch maintenance grants. Councillors agreed. The Clerk has quotations for cutting the grass and maintaining the pitches which will be circulated. It was proposed that Parish Councillors meet at the MPF to view the ground and the clubhouse and decide on a way forward. It was decided that the PC will meet at the MPF on 29th June at 2 pm. The PC has locks to the clubhouse and changing rooms and has changed the padlocks on both doors. It does not have the key for the hut housing the floodlight switches. Mr Mellodey will chase Sidlesham FC for the hut keys. Mr Mellodey recommended that the PC appoint volunteers to participate in the project.
10. Highways, footpaths and cycleways.
10.1 Selsey to Chichester Greenway Project
Mr Mellodey will attend the next Greenway Project meeting.
10.2 SID for Paddock Straight
The Clerk has applied for a licence from WSCC Highways to place a SID on Paddock Straight. In addition, she has obtained quotations for possible devices which will be circulated. Cllr Montyn asked to be kept informed.
11. Assets & Amenities Workgroup.
14.1 The PC was very grateful to Covers for donating 3 tons of sand for the playground. The Clerk reported that the sand has been delivered. Mr Ramm will have it moved to the sandpit. Mr Ramm will take photographs to be sent to Covers with a press release to be sent out once the playgrounds have been allowed to reopen.
12. New Homes Bonus
It was decided that the PC will come to a decision at its meeting on the Memorial Playing Field on 29th June.
13. Finance
13.1 Income
13.1.1 Bognor & Chi Road Flying Club (Pigeon Flying Club use of MPF) £315.00
13.2 Payments
13.2.1 M Mellodey (refund cost of new lock for MPF) £10.99
13.2.2 CPRE (annual subscription) £36.00
13.2.3 T MacIntyre (May salary) £552.08
13.2.4 H B Collins (strim & litter pick) £916.80
Mr Harland proposed and Mrs Tull seconded that items 13.1 to 13.2.4 be taken en bloc and approved. All agreed.
14. Review and approve Standing Orders
The Clerk had circulated the PC’s Standing Orders for Councillors to read and approve. Approved unanimously.
15. Review and approve Code of Conduct
The Clerk had circulated the PC’s Code of Conduct for councillors to read and approve.
Approved unanimously.
16. Reports. None
17. Correspondence. None.
18. Matters of urgent public importance. None
19. Matters of Information. None
Meeting closed at 8.00 pm