Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 16th January
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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 16th January

Sidlesham Parish Council
Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 16th January 2019 in the Church Hall, Church Farm Lane at 7.30pm

Present:  Mr M Mellodey (Chairman), Mr A Harland, Mrs U Pearce,  Mrs C Ranjbar, Mr R Ryder, Mrs M Monnington and Dr F Lewis, Cllr P Montyn (WSCC), Cllr P Tull (CDC), 5 members of the public and the Clerk, Mrs T MacIntyre.
Members of the council and the public were informed that the evening’s meeting would be recorded.
1     Questions from the public present at the meeting on subjects other than those on the agenda.   None

2.    Apologies for Absence:    Mr P Bedford and Mrs C Hall
3.    Declarations by councillors of personal interests in items on this agenda.
3.1  Mrs Monnington declared an interest in item 13.  She will not take part in or vote on the Item.
4.    Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 21st November 2018 to be signed as a correct record.  Mr Harland proposed and Dr Lewis seconded that the minutes be signed.  All agreed.
5.    Matters arising from the above minutes not dealt with in separate items below.
6.     WSCC Councillor
Cllr Montyn reported that Highways England had rejected both options put forward by WSCC and CDC.  This was regrettable; HE had been aware of these options at all stages of negotiations.  There is to be a meeting on 24th January 2019 with Chichester’s MP and Leaders of both WSCC and CDC to discuss ways to proceed.
WSCC is drawing up its budget for 2019/20.  Long term planning is more difficult with government grants not being announced until the previous December.  WSCC’s Finance Select Committee will meet on 17th January to draw up a draft budget to be presented to full Council in February 2019.
Cllr Montyn stated that he will continue to push Highways to investigate the blocked culvert under the B2145 north of the corner of Lockgate Road.  A member of the public advised councillors that a drainage engineer has looked at the culvert and progress is being made.
Mr Harland referred to the letter published by the A27 Alliance which had been circulated.  Councillors agreed that Mrs G Keegan MP should be kept informed and involved.
7.     CDC Councillor
Cllr Tull reported that CDC’s budget is being drawn up.  The District Council’s finances are in a strong position and Cllr Tull did not anticipate that the increase in Council Tax will be more than that for 2018-9.
There had been an open meeting with Chichester’s MP, Mrs G Keegan MP.  Unfortunately, discussion on the A27 options had dominated the discussion to the detriment of other important local issues, such as housing numbers in the Local Plan.
8.     Neighbourhood Plan
The Neighbourhood Plan cannot be submitted until the Local Plan has been given approval.  However, the PC believes it has enough information on what will be in the Local Plan to proceed with writing its Neighbourhood Plan.
9.      Memorial Playing Field
9.1    Update
Mr Mellodey informed Councillors that the Football Club had been awarded £465 from the Ferry Farm Community Grant Fund.  This will be used for new kit for a junior team.  At the Ferry Farm awards ceremony, Mr Mellodey met a new member of the Sidlesham FC Committee.  Mr Mellodey had asked about the meeting which the PC has been trying to arrange with the FC for some time.  He was informed that there were changes on the Committee and he would be in touch.  Mr Mellodey has heard no more.  Mr Mellodey proposed that, as the FC Club appears unwilling to communicate and cooperate, the PC should take the following actions.
A.    rescind the letter giving the FC control of access to the ground for the duration of matches.  The letter to the FC, dated 20 March 2017, clarifying conditions of the controlled access includes terms that it “may be brought to an end by the giving of one month’s prior written notice”.
B.    request a contribution from SFC for Chichester City Ladies FC’s use of the Memorial Playing Field.  Mr N Robson, present at the meeting, outlined the history of the CCLFC’s contributions :
Year 1, no fee as the CCLFC had contributed time and costs to restore the clubhouse and tidy the area.
Year 2, a payment of £600, agreed with the previous Chairman of SFC.
Year 3, a payment of £200 was proposed and the Clerk was asked to send an invoice to Sidlesham FC.
C.     The PC agreed that the Clerk send a letter to Sidlesham FC stating that the PC wishes to renegotiate its Agreement with the FC.  This will be sent to the Chairman of SFC.
9.2     Repair of MPF Drive.
The Clerk had circulated 3 quotations for repair of the drive.  It was decided to defer a decision until the February meeting.  The Clerk was asked to write to all 3 companies to enquire about terms of guarantee on each quotation.  The PC will be looking for a contribution from SFC to the cost of drive repairs.
10.     Highways, footpaths and cycleways.
9.1   Selsey/Chichester Commuter cycle route
There is to be a meeting later this month.  Work is about to start on the southern section from Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve to Medmerry, with a potential link to Golf Links Lane funded by Langmead.  It is hoped that those sections will be available in the spring.  There is be a meeting with Hunston regarding the track south of the Free School towards Hunston.  However, this will leave a section, to include Sidlesham, where cyclists will travel on the B2145, a particularly dangerous section of road.  Mr Mellodey asked Cllr Montyn to press the case for a track through Sidlesham.
9.2   Bus stop north of Lockgate Road
Cllr Montyn will follow this up with Highways.

11.     Asseets & Amenities Workgroup
Nothing to report.
12.      Chichester Local Plan Review Preferred Approach Consultation
Mr Mellodey and Mr Riach had attended CDC’s presentation on the Local Plan.  It was agreed that the PC should include in its response to the Consultation the increase in traffic density on the B2145 which will increase significantly with the large number of new houses planned in Selsey and Hunston.  Mr Mellodey pointed out that whenever the PC has raised the possibility of a pedestrian crossing or traffic calming measures with Highways, it has received a negative response.  There is clear evidence of speeding and an increase in the number of accidents.  One further issue is the limit on sewage capacity which will be reached with the new housing planned.  It was decided that Mr Mellodey, Mr Bedford and the Clerk will draft a response to be circulated to Councillors for approval before it is submitted.
It was noted that both staff and parents at the Free School park on the B2145 causing further congestion.  This is a matter for the police.
13.      Hedgerow removed from field between Lockgate Road and Jury Cottage
Mr Riach circulated a letter from the Wildlife Officer at CDC, together with photographs of work carried out on the ditch and hedgerow on the field north of Lockgate Road.  In his view, the hedgerow had been removed without planning consent.  The owner of the field, present at the meeting, explained that he had not removed the hedgerow.  He had removed the crack willow and brambles and all invasive species, leaving blackthorn, hawthorn and maple to flourish and recover.  He had also planted over 2,500 metres of wildlife hedging where the ancient hedge would once have stood.  The field had been left, without any maintenance, for many years and, for good land management, major work had been necessary.  The owner has done a great deal to improve drainage in the parish, planted over 5,000 metres of hedgerows with different species of plant and worked with the RSPB and Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group to return wild stock.  All this had been done without payment.  He stressed that he had not removed the hedgerow or filled in any ditch but carried out remedial maintenance in accordance with his responsibility as a riparian land owner.
14.      Advertise Agendas on ‘nextdoor’ media site
The PC agreed unanimously that agendas are published on the boards and the website before each meeting.  It would not set up a social media site.
15.      Finance
15.1    Income
15.1.1 NALC (repayment of LCR subscription double payment) £17.00
15.2    Payments
15.2.1    Surrey Hills Solicitors (legal fees) £318.60
15.2.2    H B Collins (strim and litter pick including annual clear of Bird Pond, Highleigh Pound, Beggars Lane and Memorial Playing Field southern boundary) £2,083.20
15.2.3    M H Kennedy (mow Paddock Straight) £258.00
15.2.4    Knight Fencing Ltd (complete replacement of playground fence) £2,972.53
15.2.5    Sidlesham PCC (annual contribution to mowing of churchyard) £500
15.2.6    T MacIntyre (November 2018) £521.66
15.2.7    The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal £60
15.2.8    M H Kennedy (mow Paddock Straight) £129.00
15.2.9    Landbuild Ltd (new culvert under Church Farm Lane) £9,117.50
Mr Harland proposed and Mrs Pearce seconded that Items 15.1 to 15.2.9 be taken en bloc.  All agreed.
13.     Reports.    None.
14.     Correspondence.
The Clerk had received a letter from Access by Design who host the PC’s website.  Security of websites is becoming increasingly difficult and the PC must either rebuild a more modern website with inbuilt security or have the existing site serviced once a year at a cost of £160.  The Clerk will put this on the agenda for the February meeting.
15.     Matters of urgent public importance. Items raised will stand deferred until the next meeting.
15.1    A member of the public identified himself as Chairman of Governors of Sidlesham Primary School.  He informed the PC that the school had received a good Ofsted report and would now like to work more closely with the PC and within the community.  To that end, the school would like to be involved in the Neighbourhood Plan.  For the size of the school to remain stable, they will encourage children from neighbouring villages to attend the school.  Mr Mellodey suggested that the Chair of Governors, the new Headmaster and he meet to discuss areas in which they can cooperate.

Meeting closed at 9.00 pm