Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 15th November 2017
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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 15th November 2017

Sidlesham Parish Council

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 15th November 2017 in the Church Hall, Church Farm Lane 7.30pm

Present:  Mr M Mellodey (Chairman), Mrs C Hall, Mrs M Monnington, Mr A Harland, Mrs U Pearce, Dr F Lewis and Mrs D Pound
4 members of the public and the Clerk, Mrs T MacIntyre.
Members of the council and the public were informed that the evening’s meeting would be recorded.

1     Questions from the public present at the meeting on subjects other than those on the agenda.    None
2.    Apologies for Absence:  Mrs C Ranjbar, Mr P Bedford
3.    Declarations by councillors of personal interests in items on this agenda.   None
4.    Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18th October 2017 to be signed as a correct record.  Mr Harland proposed and Mrs Monnington seconded that the minutes be signed.  All agreed.
5.    Matters arising from the above minutes not dealt with in separate items below.    None.
6.     Highways, footpaths and cycleways.
8.1   B2145/B2201 junction – possible roundabout.
Cllr Montyn had approached WSCC Highways with the PC’s proposal for a roundabout.  He had been informed that the PC should make a formal request to WSCC Highways for it to be considered against applicable highways standards and available funding.  Mr Bedford will be asked to formalise his proposal.
7.      Memorial Playing Field
7.1    Architectural assessment of new building.
The Clerk had circulated architectural drawings from John Brown Architects giving an initial assessment of what could be built on the MPF, making maximum use of existing foundations.  Mr Mellodey asked that Councillors study the drawings and submit their ideas to improve the design, particularly the internal layout.  These will be discussed at the next Memorial Playing Field Work Group meeting.   Mrs Hall queried the cedar cladding on the building as this would require constant maintenance.  She was informed that it would look like wood but would, in fact, be PVC.
Mr Mellodey repeated that the SCA and PC must work together on this project.  If separate approaches are made to funding bodies with different proposals, before the business plan has been completed and all facts agreed, funding bodies may be less likely to take the project seriously.  The Chairman of the SCA, present at the meeting, stated that the SCA has every intention of working with the PC.  A member of the Football Club informed the PC that the Football Foundation would only fund a sports hall.  Mr Mellodey replied that different parts of the building could be funded by different funding organisations.
7.2    Remove bags of rubbish from eastern boundary of MPF at £45.  The PC confirmed its agreement to the cost of removing the rubbish which had been previously agreed by email.  All agreed.
7.3    Mrs Hall asked if the PC would like an update on the village questionnaire.  The PC was informed by the Chairman of the SCA that 80% of the questions have been agreed.  The responses will be incorporated into the design of the new building.
7.4    Hedge planting between Woodlands, Keynor Lane and the Memorial Playing Field.
The Clerk had obtained a quote for shrubs to plant to create the southern boundary of the MPF between the clubhouse and the western boundary.  It was agreed that the PC buy 150 hawthorn shrubs at a cost of £79 + VAT per 100 plants and 150 blackthorn shrubs at a cost of £102 + VAT per 100 plants.  The Clerk will order the shrubs and contact the Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group who will help with planting the hedge.
7.5     Mrs Hall reported that the left hand post of the barrier gate is unstable.  A member of the FC will ask Mr Bell if he could reinforce the post.  He also informed the PC that members of the FC had complained about the sign hanging below the top bar of the barrier gate.  Mr Mellodey will attach plumbing foam under the sign.
8.     Assets and Amenities Workgroup
8.1   New fencing for Playground.  The playground fence is being installed.
8.2   Mound at top of tunnel slide.   The mound has been repaired.
8.3   Approve quotation for annual inspection of playground and adult gym.  The Clerk had circulated a quotation for £175.  All agreed.
8.4    Mr Hall suggested that the PC order new sand for the playground sandpit in the spring 2018.  Mrs Pound asked if the PC could reconsider replacing the sand with rubber.  Mrs Hall replied that the A&A Work Group had looked into it and written a report for the PC.  It had been decided that sand was better.  Mrs Hall will recirculate the A&A Workgroup’s report on sand vs rubber.
8.5    Litter Picking.  The Clerk had forwarded a reply from the PC’s insurance company regarding litter picking by volunteers.  This had recommended that the PC write a risk assessment and circulate a list of rules to volunteers.  Mrs Hall will draft a risk assessment document for the PC.
9.    Defibrillator for Sidlesham
Dr Lewis had researched the charity, Community Heartbeat Trust, which could organise the purchase and installation of a defibrillator and secure box and give advice on the cabinet’s location.  They could also help the PC raise funding.  The Trust recommended 3 defibrillators.  The cabinet, together with the defibrillator would cost between £1500 and £2000.  The Lottery Fund may fund the appliance.  Mr Mellodey requested that Dr Lewis write a report on her recommendations from her research which the Clerk will circulate.
10.       Finance
10.1.1    Payments
10.1.1    H B Collins (strim & litter pick) £523.20
10.1.2    M H Kennedy (mow Paddock Straight) £250.27
10.1.3    T MacIntyre (October salary) £504.16
10.1.4    Access by Design ( SSL Certificate for website) £162.00
10.1.5    Scanstation Computers Ltd (set up + annual fee for new email server) £163.20
Mr Harland proposed that the PC approved items 10.1 to 10.1.5 en bloc.  Mr Mellodey seconded the proposal and all agreed.
10.2    Approve quotation for strimming & litter picking from H B Collins
The PC requested that the Clerk reply to Mr Collins and ask that he restrict his increase to 3.5%.
10.3    Approve quotation for mowing Paddock Straight.
The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Kennedy to ask him restrict his increase to 3.5%
10.4    Approve request for £500 donation to churchyard mowing.
All agreed.
10.5    Donation to British Legion (£15 for wreath + £45 donation last year)
All agreed to the donation.
10.6    Approve Precept for Financial Year 2018/19
After questions from councillors, the PC agreed the Precept for 2018/19.  All Councillors agreed and the Clerk will submit the PC’s Precept to CDC.
16.     Reports.    None
17.     Correspondence.  None
18.     Matters of urgent public importance. Items raised will stand deferred until the next meeting.  None
19.     Matters of Information.   None

Meeting closed at 8.45 pm