Message from the Chairman
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Message from the Chairman

Autumn is with us according to the calendar but not jn accordance with the weather itself. No doubt that will change soon enough but, in the meantime, while the weather is favourable can I remind you all that there is serious housekeeping to be done.

The ditches are dry, well mostly, so now is the time to clean out all the rubbish and blockages from your ditches that hamper water flow and lead to flooding. It looks like weather patterns are changing so that we can expect heavier periods of rain, like in Scotland last week, so it is very important that all watercourses are kept free to minimise problems.

Secondly and when you have cleared the ditches, please cut back the hedges overhanging pavements or road frontages. Bloated hedges present problems to pedestrians cyclists and even motorists, In particular remove brambles which appear to have had a very prolific year. Curtains of brambles growing out of hedges present a serious menace to all.

Thank you all so much for your cooperation and support.

Sidlesham Parish Council