AGENDA for Parish Council meeting held by Zoom on 20th January 2021
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AGENDA for Parish Council meeting held by Zoom on 20th January 2021

Sidlesham Parish Council is unable to meet in the usual way in the Church Hall due to Corvid 19 restrictions.  The meeting will be held electronically by Zoom.  Parishioners are invited to email their comments on items on the agenda to the Clerk:  If anyone wishes to join the conversation, please contact the Clerk and you will be sent a link into the meeting.

Sidlesham Parish Council Meeting to be held electronically on Wednesday,                  20th January 2021 at 7.00 pm



All members of the Council and the public are informed that this meeting will be recorded.

  1. Welcome and Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations by Councillors of personal interests in items on this agenda.
  3. Questions from the public present at the meeting on subjects other than those on the agenda.
  4. Minutes of last PC Meeting held on 18th November 2020 to be signed as a correct record.
  5. Minutes of Planning Committee on 18th November 16th December and 24th December 2020 to be confirmed and signed as a correct record.
  6. Matters arising from the above minutes not dealt with in separate items below.
  7. WSCC Councillor:  Cllr P Montyn
  8. CDC Councillor: Cllr D Johnson/Cllr C Purnell
  9. Neighbourhood Plan

9.1       Zoom meeting to discuss Section 1 Planning with a view to agreeing principles

9.2       Section 2 Environment Zoom meeting to follow

  1. Keynor Lane/ Selsey Road Travellers Site - 20/02956/DOC – update
  2. Assets & Amenities Workgroup

11.1     Playground Maintenance

11.2     Annual Playground Inspection – scheduled for February 2021

11.3     Ferry Farm Grant Application January 2021 by SCA

  1. Memorial Playing Field

12.1     Update and Report. See Attached document

12.2     CIO – Sidlesham Sports and Community Centre

12.3     Keys for access to car park

12.4     Selsey Ladies and Bosham Football Clubs

13        Tree and Plant Sale

  1. Highways, footpaths and cycleways

14.1     Greenway Selsey/Chichester Cycle Route

14.2     Bus Shelter

14.3     SID

14.4     Willow Glen pond replacement fence

  1. Neighbourhood Watch

15.1     Replacement volunteer

  1. Finance

16.1     Income

16.1.1              Chichester Ladies FC             Pitch Hire                                            267.50

16.2     Schedule of Accounts for Payment

16.2.1              Castle Water                           Clubhouse water                                 127.18

16.2.2              SSE                                         Playingfield floodlights                      43.65

16.2.3              SSE                                         Clubhouse electricity                          622.95 note attached

16.2.4              Trojan                                      Bus Shelter Repair                              440.00

16.2.5              Came and Co                          Insurance premium                              61.14

16.2.6              H Platt                                     Mower petrol and trimmer line           46.40

16.2.7              MH Kennedy                           Grass cut                                              113.50

16.2.8              JWL Installs                             Rebuild small mound                           2500.00

16.2.9              Corina Hall                              Clubhouse expenses                            160.38

16.2.10            Scanstation Computers           Parish Clerk Laptop repair                  189.96

16.2.11            Trojan                                      Playingfield Electrics Hut repair         354.00

16.2.12            Corina Hall                              Expenses for Clubhouse                     142.87

16.2.13            Scanstation Computers           Parish Clerk Laptop repair                  158.30

16.2.14            Trojan                                     Fix door and Roof of Electrics           295.00

16.2.15            Neil Hughes                            Plumbing Clubhouse                           150.00

16.2.16            Farrell Property Maint             Electrics Clubhouse                            375.00

16.2.17            Farrell Property Maint             Electrics Clubhouse                            625.00

16.2.18            Farrell Property Maint             Electrics Clubhouse                            365.00

  1. Reports
  2. Correspondence

18.1     MPP Project Officer – project update and contribution – letter attached

18.2     Police Community Support Officer – letter attached

18.3     CDC All Parishes Meeting will be held on the evening of Monday 8 February 2021 at 5.30pm and will take place virtually via Zoom video conferencing.

  1. Matters of urgent public importance. Items raised will stand deferred until the next meeting.
  2. Matters of Information

20.1     Parish Clerk introduction training 21 January via Zoom

  1. Dates of Next Meeting

                        Next Planning Committee will take place via email Wednesday 17th February 2021

                        Next Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 17th February 2021 via Zoom video conferencing