WSCC Highways - New Process for Reporting Pavement & Road Issues
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WSCC Highways - New Process for Reporting Pavement & Road Issues

Please select Report a problem with a road or pavement to be redirected to WSCC website for the issue you want to report.¬† To... read more »

Traffic Incidents

The Parish Council request Parishioners to pass on information and as much detail as possible (date, time, photos) of any road accidents in Sidlesham to the Parish Clerk in order to support their application to the WSCC.¬† Thank more »

Keeping Safe when out and about

Keeping safe when out and about   As coronavirus restrictions¬†continue to be lifted and as the weather improves, we've worked with our... read more »

Notes on B2145 Corridor Traffic Management & Environmental Improvement Scheme - Post TRO Proposals

Sidlesham Parish B2145 Corridor Traffic Management and Environmental Improvement Scheme- Post TRO Proposals Following the implementation of the second phase of the TRO by WSCC the possible additional signage, verge and footpath improvements and overall traffic management that have been discussed with the county might now... read more »